SATiS Asset tracking for government, defence, police and commercial markets.


Optimising Assets with data

It’s all about the Analytics & Reporting 

KeyOptions has partnered with Knowi to provide unheard of multi-source data integration for its Assets-in-Motion offering. In conjunction with the SystemLoco asset tag environment we are able to provide asset predictive and prescriptive analytics for business owners, that is currently unavailable. 

Our integrated data analytics platform using Machine Learning can provide a comprehensive insight into the location data. It gives an understanding into the challenges faced & to support & improve strategic asset management, intelligent decision making & a real understanding of the infrastructure.

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Delivering anything to anywhere

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Where we work


Defence manufacturing. 

Process flow & multi-site

Weapons tracking 

Defence assets tracking – people, assets, critical assets

Hospitals - Healthcare

The people resources required to track the many critical hospital assets is immense. Assets-in-Motion tracks all critical assets immediately to ensure more efficient and timely control of expensive & life saving equipment.

Supply Chain logistics

The logging tag provides reliable, detailed & complete temperature & humidity traces for goods in transit at very low cost.