New generation Data analytics for dynamic data


Business intelligence (BI)

KeyOptions specialises in analytics and helps businesses analyse their data with greater speed, efficiency and understanding. We help transform your most complex data into actionable insight, allowing you to make decisions faster, with live data, that connects directly to the heart of your business. We help you simplify BI for your complex and sometimes disparate datasets. 

Our expertise – KeyOptions has experience in all aspects of Business Intelligence solutions across a wide variety of industries and verticals. We can assist you by providing the following: assessment and planning of BI initiatives, modernisation of existing BI solutions, consolidation of disparate BI solutions into one common software interface design, and development of custom analytic reports design and development of custom dashboards. 

How? – KeyOptions will help you transform your data into business insights by following these steps: gather disparate sets of operational business data, gather disparate sets of operational reports, import all data sets into a purposely designed BI database, produce performance dashboards to enable self-service analysis, develop predictive analytics, and forecasting to unlock valuable business insight to enable data led decision making. 

KeyOptions brings knowledge and experience in developing contemporary Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to meet the business needs, including: 

  • Enabling key roles to support data driven decisions such as BI data analyst, 
  • BI data steward and BI managers that are responsible for ensuring system users are accessing the data appropriately correctly interpreting metrics. 
  • Introducing processes such as data cleaning, data capture, and loading. Additionally creating BI products such as dashboards for insights, data analysis and collaboration.
  • Implementing all technical components of a BI solution. 
  • Assisting organisational transformation by accelerating an organisation’s Business Intelligence maturity as defined by best practice BI models. 
We are currently engaged in projects across government and the private sector delivering solutions that require complex design and analysis to deliver outcomes the customer requires to make critical decisions for sustainment projects as well as critical aspects of government business, governance and capability development.  Our projects have ranged from complex people analytics for smart cities using Markov Chain mathematics to developing solutions for government to take bespoke data to provide workable analytics that deliver data driven outcomes. 

It's time to change everything about how you do analytics

A new generation of Internet of things (IoT) Data analytics

In this fast moving world of IoT data, KeyOptions needed to look for a solution that would allow easy and effective integration into our in-Motion series of solutions. We partnered with KNOWI and their Unified Analytics platform to fulfil these needs. The KNOWI engine allows to easily and cost effectively integrate with real-time data and join and correlate existing and legacy data without complex ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) development. This enables you to accelerate data projects up to 10X in development time and money.

Recently KNOWI was selected as IoT analytics platform of the year by the IoT Breakthrough Awards for 2020.

Gartner has predicted that by early in the 2020s, that more than half of major new business entities will incorporate some elements of IoT in their systems. The complexity of the vast volumes of data generated through these IoT systems creates a need for deep data analytics tools and skillsets. However, IoT data tends to be far messier than common business data, incorporating large streaming volumes of data that are often geospatial in nature. With such complex data, gleaning any insights or understanding from it will require an IoT specific analytics solution. 

 IoT analytics can be used to simplify that enormous volume of data into actionable insights and understandable dashboards.

Any data, any time

Today's data is big and messy and located all over the place. To analyze modern data, you need a BI solution that can instantly connect to any data, structured or unstructured, without the hassle and expense of moving or transforming it. Knowi is the only full stack analytics platform that natively integrates to all the popular NoSQL data stores, as well as relational and Cloud APIs sources. Our data layer eliminates the need for ETL to move, flatten and transform data for analytics.

Self-Service BI for Anyone

Traditionally, self-service analytics still required some technical knowledge and understanding of how the data was constructed. This requirement usually meant only about 20% of a company could access analytics and the rest had to rely on other people. Knowi takes a different approach to self-service analytics. 

The natural language BI capabilities get analytics into the hands of the other 80% by enabling your non-technical users with the power to ask questions in English and get answers, instantly.

Accelerate Your Data Analytics Projects by 10x

By connecting directly to any data, anywhere, we shave weeks, some times months, off analytics projects by eliminating the need to move and transform your data. 

The native integration gives data engineers, data scientists, and business teams the agility they need to work iteratively to create the perfect dataset in a matter of days, not weeks.

Knowi Datasources

Knowi connects to a number of different data sources natively.  A sample of integration is below.