Solutions - the 'in motion' series


Optimising your Assets with Technology for greater outcomes & efficiencies

What is Industry 4.0? 

Industry 4.0 is a new strategy that utilises advanced technologies to enhance & recreate products & services that accelerate operational efficiencies & enterprise growth. Areas such as design, engineering, agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing & supply chain & logistics to name a few

How can it help my business? 

Businesses these days have not realised the full impact of their digital investments & cannot achieve the cost savings & growth required to get advantages for their business. By implementing new strategies that encompass Industry-in-Motion & a new mix of technologies, companies could save enormously. 

 What does it mean for the future of your business? 

Savings & efficiencies like never before by utilising new technologies to enhance your business & move it forward with growth & profits. By embracing new technologies in your business your products & services will be more personalised and could result in new streams of revenue. 

 How can KeyOptions help you? 

We can provide the latest technologies from our ‘In-Motion’ series of solutions that are tailored to your business needs. We concentrate on the outcomes & rely on in-depth data analytics that provide the most accurate information relating to your business environment. 


Our integrated data analytics platform using Machine Learning can provide a comprehensive insight into your data. It gives an understanding into the challenges faced & to support & improve strategic asset management, intelligent decision making & a real understanding of the infrastructure & your equipment. 


Industrial IoT brings equipment, machines, advanced analytics, & people together to a meaningful information platform. IoT is a network of multiple industrial devices connected by secure communications technologies that result in one ecosystem that can collect data, monitor, exchange, analyse, & deliver valuable new insights like never before to today's performance-oriented workplace. These insights can then help drive smarter, faster business decisions that can save energy, learn operating patterns & perform predictive maintenance for commercial, industrial and small business.  

Monitor Food Manufacturing Units 

  • All metrics are critical in food manufacturing units 
  • Errors affect brand value, loss & lawsuits 
  • IOT devices provide multiple solutions to monitor the critical points in food manufacturing units: 
  • Wireless thermocouple to monitor the temperature of the food/products at all stages 
  • Wireless temperature and humidity sensors at different points 
  • Water leak sensors at different critical points 
  • Air quality & purity sensors